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Spoon Rings

Many believe that spoon rings originated in the 17th Century. Servants of wealthy families would steal silver cutlery to make rings as they couldn't afford to buy engagement rings.

Nowadays, silverware is not commonly used and can usually be found gathering dust in an attic or other storage. Spoon rings and other jewellery are a beautiful way to admire and repurpose these items - giving them a new life.

The Process...


What is Hallmarking? Why is it necessary? What do they mean and why are a lot of spoon ring manufacturers trading illegally?


Our spoon rings are made from a variety of materials including sterling silver, EPNS, gold plated and stainless steel.

Behind the Scenes

Take a look at the short interview with Settlement Magazine about how our spoon rings are created. A great behind the scenes if you're interested!

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