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Change of Use

The law as outlined in The Hallmarking act states: ”.. it shall be an offence for any person to make an addition, alteration or repair to an article bearing approved hallmarks, except in accordance with the written consent of an assay office.”

What does this mean for your Jewellery?

Any item that has been re-worked to change their use (for example turning an old spoon into a ring) has to be sent to an Assay Office for Authorisation. The office examines each piece of jewellery, identifies the original hallmark and issues a certificate signed by the Assay Master.

Many other manufacturers or small businesses that make spoon rings, do not comply with these laws and are therefore trading ILLEGALLY ! Authorisation comes at a cost and is very important in retaining the significance of the UK Hallmarks, so please purchase your sterling silver jewellery from verified traders.

With each certified piece of jewellery purchased from Hanbeck Jewellery, you will receive its own unique certificate guaranteeing its verification. This makes each item so much more special!

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