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Rolex Spoon Necklaces!!!

These gorrrrgeous necklaces are created from vintage Rolex spoons! There are various designs available, including a smiling sunshine, a Lion and beautiful landscapes! 


Please note that due to the age of the material (vintage cutlery) used to create the necklaces, the pendants may feature some charming characteristics such as small scratches, lumps and bumps :)

Additionally, there may be a slight difference between the product received and the product imaged (simply due to the fact these are vintage pieces and each have their own uniqueness).

Rolex Spoon Necklace

Colour: Silver

    • Pendant created from Vintage Rolex Spoon (either silver plated or stainless steel)
    • 925 Sterling Silver 18 inch ball chain 
    • Sterling Silver jump ring
  • Rolex spoons originated when Rolex partnered with the Bucherer Fine Jewellery in Lucerne, Switzerland. This partnership provided their customers with a souvenir spoon with every Rolex watch they purchased. The partnership expanded to various cities, each creating a unique pattern on the bowl of the spoon (hence the various styles!).

    The styles of our necklaces have been named after the city the spoon represented.

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