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This necklace is perfect for absolutely anybody!

Each necklace features a COMPLETELY UNIQUE floral pendant.

Please note that due to the age of the material used to create the necklaces, the pendants may feature some charming characteristics such as small scratches, lumps and bumps :)

Floral Knife Necklace

Colour: Silver
    • Pendant created from Vintage EPNS Knife with floral pattern
    • 925 Sterling Silver 18 inch ball chain 
    • Sterling Silver jump ring

    Each necklace features a unique pendant - no two are the same!!!

    Each necklace has been given a style number (1-9). Please select your chosen piece by looking through these letters.

    Selecting "Style 6" for example will display an image of the corresponding necklace. This is the necklace you will receive.


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